The ILuCon stage management system

A stage management system is the heart of any venue. The stage manager is able to receive or transmit acoustic, optical and haptic signals, from a central control unit.

Our system ensures the coordinated management of a production. This includes speaker (SMCAD) as acoustic source, which are needed to call up actors or to enable people located in various rooms to listen to the stage area.

In addition to that we provide also our light signals (MCID), as a optical device. This type of device is used for bidirectional, optical communication, realized with multi-color LEDs and an optional integrated acknowledgment button to confirm the receiving of the signal.

In order to allow the Stage Manager System to be flexible, there are interfaces via network for products from other manufacturers.


All of our devices support Power over Ethernet.


Colors and mounting

We provide all of our devices stageready, powder coated in different RAL colors (standard: RAL 9005) with a high variety of mounting options.

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Components of the OneStage+ System



Multi Color Information Display

  • Light signal driven by LEDs, controllable and configurable with ILuControlServer/ILuControlPanel
  • Three segments, controlled separately. Capable for color blind persons. Optionally full triggering of all three segments simultaneously
  • Optional integratedacknowledgment button (Q) with blue LED indicator
  • Various inputs/outputs to connect with external modules (switches, buttons, etc.)

as wifi device:

  • controllable over wifi
  • power supply over replaceable Ni-MH-batteries
  • charging the battery over PoE+



Multi Channel Audio Device

  • Speaker to receive and play audio channels from the ILuControlServer across the local network. Controllable with the ILuControlPanel (operating unit)
  • Any kind of audio sources (NF, Micro, MP3, gongfiles, etc.)
  • Integrated amplifier with 2x25W output power at 4 Ohms
  • Small frame size for integration in speaker chassis
  • Up to 10 modules for 19“ rack installation (3,5 U)



Component Control Device

  • Control device for SMCAD (PoE speaker)
  • Adjustment of audio volume, acknowledgment of requests
  • Selection of the audio channels provided by the server



Multi Segment Information Display

  • Scene-Change Display, realized with three 7-segment displays (000-9.9.9)
  • Displays are adjustable in brightness



Single Information Device

  • Information display controllable and configurable with ILuControlServer/ILuControlPanel
  • Three independent, dimmable 12V LED outputs to supply information display (Camera ON, Silence, Monitor, etc.)



Universal Interface Device

  • Universal input/output card
  • Used to control external devices or to measure external signals (potential-free contacts)



Multi Key Control Device

  • 2 U keyboard panel designed as 19“ device with master section switches to control light signs, audio callgroups, inputs/outputs, bidirectional communication with ILuControlPanel
  • Max. 48 signal lamp switches (RGB) per panel
  • Expandable with two additional panels for directly control of up to 45 light signals etc.
  • Various inputs/outputs to connect with external modules, e.g. an adjustable console lighting







Content of the ILuControlPanel (ILCP)


Users get access to the ILCP through the login page.


User rights and password can be set at user admin page.


The stopwatch, system time and other important status information are displayed in the footer of the ILCP. Individual plugins can be added.


There are two pages for adminitstration of the light signals . The first page is acknowledgement page, which allows the stage manager to request acknowledgements. This information appears also on the InfoScreens.


The second page is for administration of the light signals, where MCIDs can be added to groups and parameters of MCID (like panel colors) can be modified here.


The SMCAD (speakers) are diplayed in an alphabetically order. The stage manager is able to control the most important parameters at a glance, e. g. volumes for microphone and other audio channels. User can add or remove any SMCADs to any group at any time in this page.

Show speichern

The settings for MCID and SMCADs can be saved as a show, which allows fast switching of different settings for different shows.

Cue Verwaltung

The cue administration page allows to trigger a lot of actions by the touch of a button. The active cue number can be diplayed on the InfoScreens.


The IluControlPanel allows to integrate individual plugins, e. g. the control interface of a video matrix or a camera system and much more.

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